View, Plan, and Grow your urban forest with CANOPY. This interactive software tool will easily put your canopy assessment data to use.  No need to be a GIS expert, explore and share your urban canopy today!


CANOPY makes it simple to create maps and reports to achieve your tree canopy goals. Quickly communicate your areas with low canopy and high planting potential, prioritize for planting or preservation, and evaluate tree canopy cover goals and ecosystem services. CANOPY also integrates seamlessly with TreePlotter™ INVENTORY to implement planting projects, inventory trees, and track events or volunteer efforts.


Create maps quickly, select a geographic boundary such as neighborhoods or council districts, then use slider bars to display areas based on low or high existing tree canopy and areas with the greatest planting potential. Visualizing your dataset in an approachable and easy to use platform will be an invaluable communication tool.


CANOPY gives you the power to prioritize tree planting areas based on environmental, demographic, and other criteria. Using the slider bars in the interface, you can weigh your criteria from low-to-high and see hot spots appear instantly. Display results of  high planting suitability based on your priorities and values.


Curious how planting 10,000 trees will affect your canopy cover? Or would you like to determine how many trees would be needed to increase your canopy by 10% or to reach a specific goal? The grow tool lets you enter assumptions. Then you simply hover over areas in the map and click “G” to map out your canopy goals.

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