Build a clear picture of your park assets, faster than ever before! PlanIT Geo™ has developed TreePlotter™ PARKS, an easy to use, GIS based, all in one mobile web app that gives you instant access to your park data.


Map and document your park facilities while keeping them maintained and growing along with your community. PARKS integrates seamlessly with TreePlotter™ INVENTORY providing a single system for parks, rec, and forestry assets.

What It Is

An enterprise GIS system for park asset mapping, inspections, and maintenance tracking with complete inspection and work history. Paperless work orders and service requests can be updated live in the field. All product levels come with unlimited user accounts.

What It Does

Customizable data fields and dropdown menus for park boundaries, amenities, playgrounds, irrigation, other asset types. Track and report on costs and maintenance. Restricts data between multiple login levels based on user permissions. Powerful search and map visualization tools.

Why You Need It

Staff and contractors can access asset data and work orders in the field from any device. Tailor to your data and reporting needs. PARKS integrates through web APIs (Rest services) with other cloud based enterprise systems, eg Esri, asset management, 311 complaint systems etc.



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